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Libraries for advanced and customized usages in Data Science. Specialized libraries for Knowledge Discovery, Clustering, Visualization and Time Series Forecasting.

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R Packages on Cran and Github

Name Licence Link Authors
DataVisualizations GPL-3 CRAN Michael Thrun, Felix Pape, Onno Hansen-Goos, Dirk Eddelbuettel, Craig Varrichio, Alfred Ultsch
DatabionicSwarm GPL-3 CRAN Michael Thrun
ProjectionBasedClustering GPL-3 CRAN Michael Thrun, Florian Lerch, Felix Pape, Kristian Nybo, Jarkko Venna
GeneralizedUmatrix GPL-3 CRAN Michael Thrun, Alfred Ultsch
FCPS: Fundamental Clustering Problems Suite GPL-3 CRAN Michael Thrun, Peter Nahrgang, Felix Pape, Vasyl Pihur, Guy Brock, Susmita Datta, Somnath Datta, Luis Winckelmann, Alfred Ultsch, Quirin Stier
Umatrix GPL-3 CRAN Michael Thrun, Michael Thrun, Alfred Ultsch
AdaptGauss: Gaussian Mixture Models (GMM) GPL-3 CRAN Michael Thrun, Onno Hansen-Goos, Rabea Griese, Catharina Lippmann, Florian Lerch, Jörn Lötsch, Alfred Ultsch
ABCanalysis GPL-3 CRAN Michael Thrun, Florian Lerch,Jörn Lötsch, Alfred Ultsch
Pareto Density Estimation GPL-3 CRAN Michael Thrun, Onno Hansen-Goos, Rabea Griese, Catharina Lippmann, Jörn Lötsch, Alfred Ultsch
DataIO GPL-3 Github Michael Thrun, Florian Lerch, Michael Thrun, Catharina Lippman, Felix Pape, Onno Hansen-Goos, Quirin Stier, Sabine Herda
TimeSeries GPL-3 Github Michael Thrun
Classifiers GPL-3 Github Michael Thrun, Rabea Griese, Alfred Ultsch
Distances GPL-3 Github Raphael Paebst, Felix Pape, Michael Thrun
Hidden Markov Models (RHmm) GPL-3 Github Ollivier Taramsco, Sebastian Bauer, Maintainer: Michael Thrun
ImageProcessing GPL-3 Github Michael Thrun
Multiresolution Forecasting Using Wavelets GPL-3 CRAN Quirin Stier, Michael Thrun
Nonparametric naiv bayes classifier using pareto density estimation and parametric naiv bayes classifier GPL-3 Github Michael Thrun, Quirin Stier
AdaptGauss2D: Interactive Gaussian Mixture Modeling in 2D GPL-3 Github Quirin Stier, Michael Thrun

If you use these packages, please cite me accordingly. If you find bugs, please feel free to contact me.